Limited Liability Partnerships

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are an alternative  form of incorporation. LLPs will be of use to professional clients for structuring their own practice with limited liability, and may also be suitable for other business clients. They can be used for any type of business, provided there are at least two members.

What is an LLP?
LLPs give the proprietors the benefits of limited liability whilst allowing the business to take advantage of the internal structure and taxation regime of a traditional partnership.

London Law's service includes:

  • Electronic incorporation which removes the need for signature of paper forms, if you already have a London Law webformation account just sign on and tick the LLP box on the first screen, alternatively click on register to create a new webformation account.
  • The option of choosing to purchase a draft LLP agreement for consideration, with accompanying notes. There is no requirement to file the LLP agreement at Companies House, so it can therefore remain confidential to the parties involved.
  • Preparation of a signing copy of the LLP agreement, if purchased, following approval and completion by you of the draft agreement.
  • The LLP package also has the option to purchase Printed Certificate of Incorporation, Printed or blank LLP Register and seal.

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