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LLPs are increasingly being used as a business vehicle,
20 November 2012

LLPs are increasingly being used as a business vehicle, they are easy to establish and can now be incorporated electronically through London Law’s webformation software on our web page by ticking LLP Company on the first screen. LLPs are also easy to operate on an ongoing basis, although some of the formalities associated with companies such as the preparation and filing of audited annual accounts also apply to LLPs.

LLPs are a distinct type of legal entity, with their own specific legislation, rules and regulations, so specific tax, legal and regulatory advice should always be taken to determine whether they are the right vehicle to use in any particular case.

LLPs are particularly suitable for businesses which involve a number of manager/ owners. Their main attraction is that they combine much of the limited liability protection afforded by companies with the flexibility and tax transparency afforded by partnerships. They can also be a lot more tax efficient for implementing succession planning arrangements.

To form an LLP just login with your username and password or click on client login and then register to apply for a username and password.

For a more detailed fact sheet email with your request.



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